Franklin County’s

Young Playwrights Festival

Presented by Chambersburg Community Theatre

Important Dates

Submission Window


Response Letters

Sent on February 9, 2023


April 22, 2023

2023 Chambersburg Community Theatre Young Playwrights Festival

Details and Instructions

  • Submit your script by December 21, 2022 using the online form
  • Up to 10 scripts will be selected to be produced on the stage. All winners will be contacted on February 9, 2023.  The Young Playwrights Festival will be on April 23, 2023
  • Students in grades 1-12 are invited to participate
  • Each student can submit one script for the festival. Students can work together and submit a script as a group.  If submitting as a group each student will need to complete the online form
  • Format your script in 12 pt. font. Add page numbers to the bottom of the page
  • Script should be 10 minutes in length, read the script out loud to make sure that you do not exceed the time. There is no page minimum or maximum, only the time limit
  • There should be a cover page with the play’s title, student’s age and grade, but not the student’s name
  • The second page should list a character breakdown and descriptions. Be mindful that the aim is to produce the play onstage so limit the amount of characters
  • The play should be formatted as a script.
  • Include stage directions when necessary and describe what the stage should look like, keep the scene changes to a minimum for production ease
  • It is ok to tackle difficult issues in your play but keep language and content family friendly
  • There is no limit on genre, subject, or type. You can write comedy, tragedy, or something in between.  You can set it in the old west, in the distant future, or in modern day.  Be creative.