Past Performances

Luxury Cruise

Feb 23-25 & Mar 2-4, 2018

Comedy Written by Fred Carmichael

Directed by Tom Amick

(Comedy/Drama/Farce, Rated PG)

Each of the three acts tells the story of a different couple aboard the SS ANDREA DEL SARTO on a world cruise: two antiquated ladies on their first trip, a married couple who know the husband is about to die, and a flashy bride who won the trip and is determined to bring culture to her husband (who is only interested in testing his poker ability with his fellow passengers). One is comedy, one more serious and the third farce. Episodes of the three couples along with three additional cast members are interwoven throughout the show.

Deb Millhouse – Verla Simpkins
Patti Hann – Cissie Simpkins
Jaclyn Mae Cordell – Louisa
Bryton Zook – Arturo
Bonnee Wendle – Lillian Gregory
Pat McNamee – Drew Watson
Deb Kennedy – Fran Watson
Rich Knight – Hamilton Foote
Georgina Cranston – Corinne Foote