Past Performances


Oct 20-22 & 27-29, 2017

By Tim Kelly

Based on the Novel by Mary Shelley

Directed by Matthew Henning

(Drama/Thriller, Rated PG-13)

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Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant young scientist, returns to his Swiss chateau to escape a terrible pursuer. No one can shake free the dark secret that terrifies him: not his mother, nor his fiance’, nor his best friend. Even the pleading of a gypsy girl accused of murdering Victor’s younger brother falls on deaf ears, for Victor has brought into being a creature made from pieces of the dead. The creature tracks Victor to his sanctuary to make a demand. Against his better judgment, Victor agrees and soon the household is invaded by murder, despair and terror!

Jeff Leinbach – Ernst, Inspector General of Police
AimeeBeth Davis – Sophie, Housekeeper
David Hewitt – Victor Frankenstein, Young Scientist
Kaytie Greenawalt – Elizabeth, Victor’s Fiancé
Bryton Zook – Henry, Victor’s Friend & Scientist
Debra Kennedy – Frau Frankenstein, Victor’s Mother
Brent Blair – The Creature, Artificially Created Man
Olivia Moxley – Justine, Gypsy Girl