How Can I Audition for CCT Shows?

General open auditions for specific roles will be held throughout the season at the Chambersburg Community Theatre with readings from the script(s) we are casting.

All auditions are open to anyone in the community regardless of race or ethnic background.  No previous stage experience is required to try out for any CCT production.

Find Open Auditions For Upcoming CCT Shows

All open audition dates are posted within the upcoming show schedules.  Our directors are open to non-traditional casting, minorities are encouraged to submit themselves for all projects.

Open Auditions For Frankenstein by Tim Kelly from the Classic by Mary Shelley

Auditions are August 4, 2017 at 7 PM and August 5, 2017 at Noon in the Chambersburg Community Theater Office, located at 159 S Main St.

Please be prompt as doors will be closed 15 minutes after auditions start. Persons auditioning will be asked to do a cold read from the play's script. Knowledge of the material is encouraged but not required. Players do not have to be the ages of the characters, just be able to portray the age range listed.

Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant young scientist, returns to his Swiss chateau to escape a terrible pursuer. No one can shake free the dark secret that terrifies him: not his mother, nor his fiancee, nor his best friend. Even the pleading of a gypsy girl accused of murdering Victor's younger brother falls on deaf ears, for Victor has brought into being a creature made from pieces of the dead. The creature tracks Victor to his sanctuary to make a demand. Against his better judgment, Victor agrees and soon the household is invaded by murder, despair and terror!


ERNST (M, any age) - Inspector General of police

SOPHIE (F, any age) - A housekeeper

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (M, 20-35) - A young scientist

ELIZABETH (F, 20-35) - Victor's fiancee

HENRY (M, 20-35) - Victor's friend, also a scientist

FRAU FRANKENSTEIN (F, 45+) - Victor's mother

THE CREATURE (M, any age, height 6' 3" or taller) - an artificially created man

JUSTINE (F, 20-25) - A gypsy girl

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