How Can I Audition for CCT Shows?

General open auditions for specific roles will be held throughout the season at the Chambersburg Community Theatre with readings from the script(s) we are casting.

All auditions are open to anyone in the community regardless of race or ethnic background.  No previous stage experience is required to try out for any CCT production.  Our directors are open to non-traditional casting, minorities are encouraged to submit themselves for all projects.

Knowledge of the material is encouraged but not required. Players do not have to be the ages of the characters, just be able to portray the age range listed.


Open Audition Details For Oklahoma!

Sunday Feb. 25th, 5pm-8pm
Monday Feb. 26th, 6pm-8:30pm

Auditions for Chambersburg Community Theatre's upcoming production of Rodger's & Hammerstein's OKLAHOMA! will be held on Sunday Feb. 25 and Monday Feb. 26. Auditions will be held on the Capitol Theatre Stage. Please enter through the back parking lot doors.

No song or monologue preparation necessary.  Ability to act, sing, and do simple dance movements is required.  All those auditioning will be taught 2 songs and then asked to choose one to sing solo; perform a small dance sequence, and do cold readings.  Looking for people of all ages.  There are small chorus parts for a few children (10+ years of age) and young teens.  Teens who can pass for 17+ will have more opportunities to perform.

Rehearsals will tentatively begin on Monday March 8, and will generally be Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6:30pm-9pm.

Show dates are May 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19.



Larger Roles 

Laurey – Female Lead. Must be able to pass for 17-26 years old. She is clever, hardworking, and feels like anything is possible. She is too proud to admit she is in love with Curly.

Curly – Male Lead. Must be able to pass for 20 years old to a max of 30. Charming, caring, confident cowboy who’s one weakness is Laurey. May seem a little full of himself but is a great guy.

Aunt Eller – Must be able to pass as 60+ years old. Wise, funny, and doesn’t tolerate fools. Can read a situation and people very well. Loves her niece, Laurey and Curly the cowboy too; knows they belong together.

Ado Annie – Must be able to pass for 17-26 years old. She is a late bloomer who has blossomed in a way that makes all the men suddenly notice her. She loves Will Parker but also likes being kissed by other boys. How will she ever choose?

Will Parker – Must be able to pass for 20 years old to a max of 30. A good hearted cowboy. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed but is not stupid. He loves Ado Annie and is trying desparately to get her father to allow them to marry.

Ali Hakim – Must be able to pass for 30-45 years old. Ali is a slick salesman who peddles his wares over many counties. He is not interested in getting married but surely does love many women.

Jud Frey – Must be able to pass for 30-45 years old. Jud is a brute but should be able to also convey hurt and disappointment with how his life has turned out. The closest he usually gets to women are the girlie pics in the old smoke house where he bunks on Aunt Eller’s farm. He pines for Laurey and hates Curly.

Smaller Speaking Roles

For those able to play 13-95 years old, including some scene stealers like Gertie Cummins who has a nerve-grating laugh that endears her to all audiences. These roles are all important and include the following characters:

Men – Ike Skidmore, Andrew Carnes, Jess Chalmers, Cord Elam, Fred, Slim, Mike, Joe, and Sam
Women – Gertie Cummins, Ellen, Kate, Silvie, Armina, and Aggie.


May include some younger children (aged 8-12) and others who do not want or are not cast in speaking roles. The Ensemble will have a integral part in the show, and will be utilized throughout the production.